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lifeis-amazing asked:

Hi :) What is your view on secular music? I know some Christians believe you shouldn't listen to any of it while others believe its okay. :) God bless you!


Hi! I remember seeing a post related to this by another blogger peterdwebb and I really liked his response and I agree with him. I loveee my music. I’m a worshiper, I love to sing, and I love playing piano and violin. It’s been a huge part of my life since I was little. I wasn’t always into Christian music, so yea I listened to a lot of secular music. Now, I do mostly listen to Christian music, and a variety of it. Concerning secular music, I do not listen to anything that curses, has any kind of vulgarity, talks about mainly sex, drugs, money, etc. I do listen to secular music that is pure in heart, and when I say that I mean that it doesn’t disgrace God and it isn’t about things that do not please God. I love Michael Buble. He’s my favorite male artists. Same with Ariana Grande. My favorites. Camila is another spanish band that I love. I listen to mostly Christian music, but I do listen to secular music as well, mainly like love songs or songs that have a story. It’s hard to explain lol I hope you guys get what I mean.

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